What the Groom Should Wear

When thinking about what a groom typically wears to a wedding we think “tuxedo”. When your groom goes to get fitted there are so many different options that go along with his tuxedo. Here are some key terms to help your groom understand what he wants when going to pick out a tux:

Jackets: There are five primary choices to choose from

*Tuxedo- Most classic look you see at traditional weddings. Most choose from single breasted (1-4 buttons on front) or double breasted (2-6 button front)

*Full Dress Jacket- There are the type that have the “tailcoat” on the back and are shorter in front, good for very formal events

*Morning Coats- Also known for the “cutaway” jacket, great for daytime weddings

*Mandarin Jackets- Also known as Mao or Nehru, have a stand-up collar and no lapel

Lapels: Material that attaches to the collar of the jacket and extends down the buttons that are on your jacket, there are three different choices

*Notched- The most popular, a triangle cut out on both sides of where the lapel joins the collar

*Peaked- The most broad, features a V-shaped lapel point on both sides

*Shawl Collar- Is smooth and rounded and has no notch or indentations

Collars: The collar you wear helps choose which jacket you should wear

*Wing- Most formal and popular, a stand up collar that has downward triangle points

*Crosswyck- Old fashioned but still used today, crossed collar that is fastened with a button

*Mandarin- This collar goes up around your neck, great for guys who don’t like to wear ties

*Spread- The most casual collar, resembles your normal button-up shirt except a wider gap at the collar points in the front


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