Don’t Get Vexed By Your Venue

Weddings are a stressful topic for the bride. It’s a day you’ve imagined since you were a little girl, so a little apprehension over budget and who can help you organise things is totally normal. Choosing your wedding venue is pretty much the biggest of all the wedding-related decisions, and it’s not one that you should make alone. Once you get engaged, that should be your jumping off point for considering venue options; even if you have a fixed idea in your mind of what you want you should always look around. You never know, your tastes could have changed from that childhood fairy tale!
Your venue doesn’t just determine how good your photographs will be, but your budget, guest numbers and quality of experience. You don’t need to get yourself worked up about your venue, though, as we have some choices below for you to consider:

All-Inclusive Hotel. A lot of large hotels offer services for weddings that include everything from a wedding ceremony to the wedding breakfast. If you can snag a good deal, you can also get a decent evening buffet – all that dancing can get you hungry! Hotel packages include drinks and canapes, as well as a possible discount on cars, red carpets and even a toastmaster! Your budget will mainly determine how big a package you can afford and whether you can afford any extras on top. If you are on a fixed budget, you need to discuss it with the hotel and see what you can get for the money. You never know, you may get a great and unexpected deal!

Country Manor. You have two choices with a manor wedding. Similarly to a hotel, you can get an all-inclusive bells and whistles package. You could also choose to move your wedding outdoors. Country manors come with gorgeous grounds, meaning your wedding in the summer could be framed with new flowers, lush grass and bathed in sunshine. A marquee wedding does often mean considering dance floor rental, toilet rental and outside catering so it is something that should be thought about. Summer is a popular wedding season and so the prices are often higher, but you can have an outdoor winter wedding, too, with the hire of outside heaters like these!
Self-Catered Hall. To have a level of autonomy over your wedding day, you should pick somewhere you can self-cater. This doesn’t just refer to food, although it does include catering, as you can choose your own seat covers, cocktail company for drinks and arrange your own flowers. Make it so that your wedding day is exclusively yours and not the same as anyone around you, and you can have a day that isn’t dictated by the needs of a large company.
Venues for weddings are difficult to choose – especially when every option is one that is beautiful, attractive in price and catered correctly. However, with a little thought and a lot of deep breaths, you can make a good decision on your wedding venue without getting too stressed.

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