Here’s How You Preserve Your Wedding Day

There is always so much going on during a wedding that it can feel like a complete blur for the bride
and groom. This obviously means that they are really enjoying themselves which is  really good sign,
but it also means that memories can be a bit of a blur as well. For some, it can be difficult to remember
their wedding in full, even the very next day!


Don’t worry, though. That doesn’t mean you will lose your memories forever. Here are some ways you
can preserve them for years to come!



Video Diary


You will have no doubt already decided which photographer you are going to hire for the big day.
But have you also considered hiring a videographer? If you do, they will help you create a video diary
of the special day. If you are using a wedding planner, they might be able to help you learn more about
the wedding videographers in your local area. After the wedding, you’ll get sent the diary in a format of
your choice so that you can watch it whenever you like!




Some couples like to leave a guestbook somewhere visible during the reception and evening party.
This gives all your guests the chance to leave you and your partner a personal message of
congratulations. You can keep this book as a souvenir of the big day, and will be able to flick
through it when you want to remember all the happy memories.


Preserved Flowers


You might want to take a few flowers from your bouquet and preserve them. All you need to do is
place them between the pages of a book so that they are pressed down. You need to leave them
in the book with a fair bit of pressure on them for a few months. This will dry out the flowers, which
will preserve them for years to come.



Wedding Playlist


These days, lots of couples like to create their own playlist for their wedding and the evening party
using music software such as Spotify. Rather than deleting this straight after the wedding, you should
save the playlist so that you can continue to listen to it. Playing all of the songs will bring back lots of
memories of the day, and will stir up some emotions within you!


Preserved Wedding Dress


Lots of brides try to keep their wedding day in as good condition as possible after the wedding day.
This allows them to keep it and bring it out to show people or when they are feeling nostalgic.
You can simply hang it up in your closet, but could end up damaged by moths or just general wear
and tear. It’s a better idea to store it in a special dress preservation box. Before you do box it up, it’s
always advisable to get it professionally dry cleaned first.



You will want to hold on tight to all of your memories of your special wedding day. Hopefully, all of the
tips above help you do just that!
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