Getting Married? Avoid These Wedding Planning Remorse Triggers

A wedding is a remarkable event not only for the bride and
groom, but for the family and friends as well. As a result, many couples become
stressed out when making the necessary preparations.
The thing about weddings is that we want it to be perfect.
There is no one formula to ensure a successful day. However, there are things
you can avoid doing to reduce your stress. Here are five things you’ll surely
want to avoid.

Thinking you can do everything yourself

Some couples want to personalize their wedding that they
choose to do everything themselves. While this is not a bad thing, it can only
add to your stress and headaches. Remember that a wedding is not just another
celebration. It’s always best to ask help in all the planning and preparations.
Ask relatives or friends about how they planned theirs. Ask for
recommendations, and you’ll have better chances of enjoying a beautiful

Having no backup plan

What if your makeup artist won’t be able to make it on time?
Do you know whom you can call in case your reception or caterer backs out? If
you’re planning a beach wedding, do you have a Plan B in case it rains or when
an outdoor wedding won’t be possible? You’d want to make sure you have abackup planfor the major aspects of
the wedding.

Cheap out on wedding photos and videos

Many articles are rounding up the internet on how you don’t
necessarily need a pro to take pictures and videos on your wedding day. While a
wedding is possible without hiring professional services, you’d want to capture
the moments the best way possible. You may have tons of friends with great
cameras and smartphones, but nothing beats the real deal. If you want precious
moments captured on this once-in-a-lifetime day, be smart, and hire a pro.
Choose providers that offer wedding and video packages that will suit your
theme, or even customize a package for you if you want something unique.

Going over your budget

Some couples think the more guests they have, the better.
Remember that more people at your wedding can also put a strain on your budget.
Only invite guests you would want to witness this special event in your life.Stick to your budget and don’t go overboard.
You don’t want to face financial difficulties after spending on a wedding you
couldn’t afford.

Planning the wedding at the last minute

Plan your big day months before the wedding date. This will
give you enough time to think about what you want to include in your wedding –
down to the very last detail. Instead of stressing out and panicking, you get
to enjoy your special day to the fullest. So, have everything sorted out months
ahead or even a year before.
Many things can cause your wedding stress and anxiety. By
keeping this list in mind, you get to avoid common remorse triggers. You get to
enjoy your day and not spend the event stressing over everything.

Photo Credit: Jason Willis Weddings

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