Key To Success

The first steps into planning your perfect wedding is grasping your ultimate goal and appearance of the grand scheme of things.  Before going into all of the details, it’s good to picture the general look and feel of how you want wedding.  In order to do that, it’s good to have some standard ideas to success in planning your wedding.  Here are some great tips to get you started:

  1. Remember your guests
  2. Get a theme
  3. Decor
  4. Get personal
  5. Don’t skip the cocktail hour
  6. Don’t skimp on the food
  7. Have assigned seating
  8. Don’t skip out on the entertainment
  9. Get the party started
  10. Get professional help
For more tips on wedding planning and assistance in planning your perfect day, contact You’re The Bride at 248-408-4602 or via email.
Happy planning!
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