7 Ways To Keep Your Wedding Videos


7 ways to keep your wedding videos.

June is coming. Have you planned your wedding yet? 

They say that when you marry on any day of the month of June, you’re a bride all your life. The name of the month June came from the word Juno, who is known as the Roman goddess of marriage. Having said that, people believe that marrying in June will bless the couple with happiness and prosperity. 

That is also one of the best wishes we could give to a newly wedded couple, to have a happy and prosperous married life together. As the guests and entourage sponsors enjoy giving their best wishes messages to the couple, it is important to have this moment captured and kept. That’s why it is important to hire wedding videographers to capture moments like this. 

If you are thinking of thrifty solutions for your wedding day celebration, skip the wedding videography. Wedding videography plays a very important role in the event. Members of the family can not be trusted to hold a video camera during those special moments of the event. As they, too, are busy enjoying the minutes. So if you don’t want to lose those split seconds, see to it that you would hire someone who will stay focused and knows how to get the right angles for these moments.

How to keep your Wedding Video safe and quality secured

Wedding videos allow you to relive your special day. Years after your wedding, you’ll be able to look back at your video and remember all the details of your big day. This is especially beneficial if you have family members or friends who couldn’t be there on your wedding day.

It is very important that you will keep your wedding video safe and quality secured. This will help you remember your big day and also share it with family and friends. That is why it is important that you use a tool to help you with storing your video file without losing its good quality. With the help of a video compressor tool, you can compress your large file video to a small size while maintaining its resolution quality. 

There are a lot of ways how you can store your wedding videos safely without losing their quality. Storing a video can be in a form of two methods, that is through hard copy and soft copy. Continue reading to learn more. 

  1. If you are finding a way to secure the hard copy of your wedding video, you should store your video in a safe location. This location must be a fireproof and waterproof safe or even a safety deposit box at your bank. You want to make sure the video is not damaged in any way.

  2. Whether it be soft or hard copy, you should make multiple copies of your wedding video. This way if one copy is lost or damaged, you will still have others. You can keep the copies in different locations, such as with family or friends, just in case something happens to your primary copy.

  3. Your soft copy should be stored in a particular folder on your desktop. Create a folder that is specifically created for your wedding. So that all of your wedding photos, videos, and other related files are compiled together in one folder. 
  1. Consider storing them in different cloud storage. There are many platforms that allow users to store soft files for free. A few of these storage platforms are Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive. Another convenience of using it is that you may open the files whenever and wherever you are as long as you have your device with you, and WiFi.

  2. You may also take advantage of using electronic mail as your storage of files. You may create an email account where you to send all your files and documents. And you can easily retrieve it by simply searching on the search bar. Then all the related searches will be listed. The reliable email that you may count on is Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and more.

  3. The use of Messenger is no different from email. They serve the same function that lets the user send and receive content, and search or retrieve it easily. Only, they are in the form of chat. The best examples are Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype, and many more.

  4. Use social media to store them. Not only for storing but it is also the best way for sharing the wedding video that you want to show your family. In using this channel, you have the options to either make it visible to the public, to friends only or show it only to those who have the links. A few of the best social media platforms are Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and many more.


Wedding videography is important because it captures all of the memories of your big day. By having a professional video, you can ensure that your wedding videos are safe and of high quality. Additionally, you can share your wedding video with family and friends who were not able to attend the event. Just make sure to compress your video before storing it. This will ensure that you are consuming a small amount of storage while saving the video that retains its best quality of video resolution.

Photo Credit:  Rene Asmussen: https://www.pexels.com 

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