Wedding video ideas

Wedding videos have become highly popular. Read on for some ideas for yours.

There are lots of fantastic wedding video ideas, but one of the best is to incorporate several
different styles of films into one. An advanced wedding videographer will be able to handle this
request easily. They will know how to use different styles and blend them naturally into one video.
This means you can incorporate everything from documentary segments to cinematic style videography.
A cinematic style video is one where there is a mix of colour and black and white. This looks incredible;
adding a bold, timeless and glamorous quality to the film. By incorporating different styles you get the right
blend; nothing too formal yet not lacking in depth either. And don’t worry; this won’t require extra effort or
disturbance on your big day. Most of the edits can be done by the wedding videographer after the filming has
taken place.   

A great wedding video idea is to base your video on a film. This is ideal for weddings abroad, like
Mauritius wedding packages. This is unique, highly innovative and will add a clever and humorous edge to
your video. There is an array of exciting ways of interpreting this approach. For instance, if you and your friend
are getting married within the same month, a funny take on Bride Wars would work brilliantly. This will require
a bit of acting on your part as well as some footage taken before the big day. Thus, this is undoubtedly a more
extensive wedding video project to embark on, but the results show that it is more than worthwhile. If you don’t
have a film in mind, then watch several romantic films until one stands out. If your wedding videographer hasn’t
seen the film then he or she will need to watch it too. Some popular movies to draw inspiration from include;
Save the Date, Bride Wars, the Wedding Singer, Steel Magnolias (perfect for a bride with a signature colour),
Father of the Bride, and the Princess Bride.

Finally, a wedding music video is an ambitious yet magical wedding video idea. This is a must-have choice if the
bride, groom or any close friends or relatives are good singers. They can provide the backing track for the video.
You definitely need original music for this type of wedding video to be original and special. The wedding videographer
will focus all of his or her attention on capturing the precious visuals. From the first moment you lock eyes when the
bride is walking down the aisle, to a close up of the rings being exchanged, to the emotional reactions from your
nearest and dearest; the wedding videographer will ensure that no special moment is missed. The images need
be even stronger and striking in comparison to other video suggestions because the ability to control audio has
been taken away.

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