Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Wedding (blog 2/3)

            When planning your own wedding there
are some things to look out for because your big day should be just as, if not
more, special than you dreamed of. These are some tips not just for planning
your wedding but also things to avoid on your wedding day so that everything is
Tip 1:               Shoe choice. If you are planning
on wearing brand new shoes, rethink it. Be sure to break in your new shoes
before the day of the wedding because if you don’t you will be in agonizing
pain. Also if you are wearing heels, be sure to bring a spare pair of flats or
flip-flops just in case you decide to change them later.
Tip 2:               Choose a reputable DJ/Band. One
of the biggest regrets couples have is that they did not choose a good Dj or
Band. Friends of the family who have a mini sound system on their computer are
not really equipped to handle weddings. Remember you are getting what you pay
for. Dj’s and Bands must be able to choose the correct music so that you don’t
have to tell them what to play all night. They also need to be good announcers
and feel comfortable speaking to a crowd. Have a final meeting with your
Dj/band about 2-4 weeks before the wedding and go over a “do-not-play” list,
choice songs for dances, and specific songs you would like to be played during
the night.
Tip 3:               Plan Your Fittings. There are so
many instances where the bride is going in for her final fitting days before
the wedding, and groomsmen show up with baggy pants or high waters. Your final
dress fitting should be no less than 1 week before the wedding just in case
there are still alterations to be made. Make your bridal party and parents try
on their outfits as well! Even if they are rentals make sure that you schedule
a fitting for them at least a week in advance to be sure everything fits correctly.
(Make sure at least one of the men know how to do a tie/bow)
Tip 4:               The Last Night Out. Don’t plan
your bachelor or bachelorette party for the night before the wedding. You never
know what your maid of honor/best man will have in store for you and you want
to look and feel your best on your big day. Plus nothing angers a bride more
than a drunk/hungover fiancé. Lets not try to reenact THE HANGOVER.
Tip 5:               Demanding Brides. Often times the
bridal party gets so caught up in helping you plan your wedding that they end
up feeling taken advantage of. They are not your wedding coordinators. If they
are offering you help then great! But don’t expect them to do anything other
than the traditional duties of purchasing their own wedding attire, attending
the wedding, travel expenses, bachelor/bachelorette/bridal party, and sometimes
Tip 6:               Hire Help. So many brides are
raving over having a wedding planner/coordinator. They are there to deal with
all crises, timing, and assuring your day goes as planned. Though they may seem
expensive just hiring them for day of coordination may be some of your money
best spent. They also have great vendor connections and may help you to save
money in the long run.
Tip 7:               Rings. Don’t forget your rings!
Make sure your maid/matron of honor and best man have those rings glued to
their bodies! Nothing is more frustrating than being up at the altar asking for
the rings and realizing they are in the hotel suite.
Tip 8:               Don’t Try to Please Everyone.
This is you and your fiancés big day, don’t ruin it by trying to impress or
please everyonelse, because the truth is you probably won’t. Make your day
special to you and the guests are there to celebrate and enjoy that with you.
on your engagement!
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