Wedding Priorities: Get These Things Right For A Relaxed And Fun Day!

Now, you may be laughing at the title of this post, because you think having a fun and relaxed wedding day
is impossible. However, I’m here to tell you that it’s true, and all you need to do is focus on few critical issues
before the big day comes around. Keep reading to find out more!

The dress.

The dress, for many brides it is the single most crucial part of the wedding. After all, you want to feel like a
million dollars, even if your dress budget doesn’t quite stretch that far! However, choosing the dress can be
a process that is peppered with pitfalls that can easily put you off your game in the run-up to the big day.  

Firstly, there is the trying on, something that should be a fun time that helps to build the excitement for the
coming day, right? Well not always, in fact, it can be stressful to try on dresses if you don’t have a
great body image to start with. Combine this with an opinionated and picky entourage, and it can
certainly turn from a dream into a nightmare.

With that in mind, it can work better to keep your party small, or if you are more comfortable doing so,
even going on your own to try dresses at first. You can always get some friends and family in to help
make the final decision at a later date.

Also, it’s pretty essential that you pick a dress that not only look amazing but that you will be comfortable
in for the whole day. Otherwise, you risk feeling stressed out and uncomfortable when you should be your

The decorations.

Next, make getting your decorations sorted a priority. After all, these are what set the tone for your wedding
and can help differentiate it from an ordinary party to one of the most important days of your life!

Of course, with so much choice on the market concerning themes and individual decorative piece it can be
pretty confusing and stressful just picking things out.

Happily, there is a way that you can make it much more, and it is to get hold of a wedding trends guide that
collates all the information you need into one place. Then you can easily compare the different types of decor
available and make your decision in a more relaxed way.

The music.

Last, of all, most brides want their wedding to be fun. What this means is that the music you pick is an essential
part of the day, especially the stuff that you play once the food is over and everyone starts dancing.

Sadly, this can create a lot of hassle for the bride as they try and find music that all of their guests will like
and want to dance to no matter what their ages and tastes.

However, there is a crafty way around this problems, and its to request that each guest supply a list of three
songs they would like to hear at the wedding with their RSVP. This is an action that then takes the problematic
choice out of the bride’s hands and guarantees that there will be at least some music that everyone will love.
Consequently, making the day and the wedding prep much more fun in relaxed.

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