Wedding Sewing and Craft Skills


Wedding Sewing and Craft Skills are an important asset that a wedding planner needs to have to fix wedding day emergencies. 
1. If the florist shortens the flower order, Tracie will work her magic and create a beautiful groomsmen boutonniere. 
2. Tracie makes sure you look stunning in your wedding dress! If nobody can help you fix your wedding dress bustle, then Tracie will make sure to fix it each and every time during the wedding.
3. Did you know Tracie and her team have several skills, including sewing? They make sure to sew any details that need adjusting, like a flower applique, to save the dress!
4. Tracie and her team are also great at arts and crafts! They don’t mind making a toss bouquet when the florist forgets to deliver it.
5. If your dress gets stained for whatever reason, Tracie handles this like a pro, so your dress looks brand new!
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