First Look Or Not?

It’s your wedding day. Anxious, nervous, excited; every
emotion is running through your body as you get ready to marry your best
friend, your partner in crime and the love of your life. The big question in
today’s society is this: first look or not?
Now this is all personal preference-do you want to keep it
traditional or get the nerves out of the way? Keeping it traditional, you have
all those nerves as you walk down the aisle, maybe so many your head is
spinning and your not even focusing on this special moment. Or you are just so
excited you are grinning ear to ear as you see your spouse standing their
whipping tears. Again, this is all personal preference.
  The new thing in
today’s society is doing the first look. With this, you get that special moment
with only you two (and of course the photographer, you want this moment
captured, right?!) The nerves and the tears are out of the way, so now the
bride can walk down the aisle without having to nervously think, “right foot,
left foot, right foot, left foot” and now she’s able to focus on another
amazing moment with all friends and family around them. 

So the big question is: first look or not? What would you

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