I Now Pronounce You…

            Do I have all of the bases covered when it comes to planning my wedding? Lets see..I have the groom, venue, dress, cake, honeymoon..am I forgetting anything? Oh yeah the Officiant!
            Are you having trouble deciding on an Officiant? Do you just need help deciding between two you really love? Well You’re The Bride is here to help! We have compiled a checklist for our brides to guide them through this exciting process. Make sure to ask the Officiant each question because you don’t want to forget anything!
1.      What is the fee? And what does it include? Rehearsal? Questions?
2.      How many meetings are allotted with the Officiant and couple
3.      Are there any specific rules that they have?
4.      Do they do interfaith marriages (if yours is one)?
5.      How far are they willing to travel and is there a travelers fee?
6.      What is the refund policy should the wedding be canceled?
7.      Are you allowed to write your own personal vows (if you would like)?
8.      Is the Officiant wanting to attend the reception? (only if you would like them too)
9.      Are there any music restrictions?
10.  Do they perform the marriage with another Officiant? (for interfaith marriages)
11.  Are there time restrictions?
12.  Do they require marriage counseling beforehand? After?
By using these questions you are well on your way to choosing the best Officiant for you and your fiancé! Congratulations!
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