Should I Do a First Look?

the bride and groom are not to see each other before the ceremony. The
excitement of waiting to see each other just enhances the moment, doesn’t it?
Not everyone thinks so. Many couples are breaking tradition and doing what is
called a First Look. This can be done many ways. It helps to relieve the
tension and nerves for some people and allows them a few special moments alone
together before the ceremony. Just be sure to have a photographer present if
you do, so that they can capture the moments and the looks on your faces.

            The bride and groom can choose to
get dressed separately and about a half an hour before the ceremony agree to
meet in the same place for the First Look. This creates an intimate setting and
is very romantic. Be sure to have some tissues around because there are sure to
be tears!
            They can also do a group First Look.
This is where the entire bridal party agrees to meet about a half hour before
the ceremony. This is a more fun alternative and is a great way to get group
photos that you can’t fit in after the ceremony.
            Just be sure that you both agree on
a first look because it can be a spoiler for one if they want to wait. First
Looks are becoming more popular for those couples who feel they are more of the
un-traditional type. 
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