How to Maximize the Space on Your Small Bedroom

After the wedding your first home together may be a little smaller than you hoped for due to budget constraints. Every homeowner wants a master bedroom that looks bigger
than it actually is. This is especially important to condo and townhouse
owners, as their space is usually smaller than the average bedroom or home.
Below, we will discuss how you can make your small bedroom appear a lot bigger.
You might want to consider these before buying bedroom furniture, as they will most
likely play a huge role in yourdecisions.

Keep it Simple

A cluttered room will make any bedroom look smaller and
chaotic. Make sure to keep all the unnecessary stuff out of the way so you
wouldn’t have to try and walk around everything when trying to prepare for work
in the morning. This could even cause an accident if you slip into something.
You might also want to place your bed in the centre of the main wall. You would
want enough space to walk on both sides, and if you don’t have enough of it,
then avoid putting a huge desk beside the bed.

Bring the Light In

Try to maximise the natural lighting that’s coming
inside your room. Install a few windows where the sun usually hits so you would
not have to install a lot of lights inside. However, if your side of the room
doesn’t get too much light, then you might want to consider adding a little bit
of artificial lighting here and there. Try decorative overhead lighting such as
a chandelier or a pendant. You can also add some floor lamps, table lamps, and
some cute reading sconces to help bring the light into your room.

You Don’t Always Have to Buy Small Furniture

Most people think that since they have a small room, the
furniture should follow. However, a small room doesn’t always have to equate to
small pieces of furniture. Make sure that your bedside table will look
proportionate to your bed and vice versa. Just make sure that everything will
fit and you are good to go. Again, don’t try to fit too many furniture pieces
inside the room and go with the simplest design.

Make Use of Some Curtains and Drapery

Curtains and drapery can do wonders when it comes to making
a room look bigger than what it is. Try hanging your drapery as close to your
ceiling to make your room look bigger, as it will bring your eyes all the way
up. When picking your curtains, make sure to match the fabric to the color of
your wall. This way, your eye would not be too distracted by contrasting
colors. Open your curtains and draperies and let the light shine in!

Cleaning all your clutter out and re-purposing your bedroom
furniture can also help make a room look bigger than what it actually is. As
long as you let your creative juices flowing, then you can most probably make
your space look a lot bigger! Do not be afraid to move things around so you can
see how some of the best results.

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