Sell Your Home Faster with a Bit of Prepping

After the wedding your family will probably expand so it may be time to think about moving.
Selling your house can be heartbreaking, especially if it
takes too long, and you get lowball offers. However, a little prep before the
big day can have buyers flocking to your house and bidding like crazy.
Spend to Earn

Try to spruce up your house before selling it. Repair
everything that needs repairing – both inside and outside your home. Serious
buyers sometimes bring along a handyman to check a property they’re interested
in, and you want your home to pass with flying colors. Update the kitchen with
granite countertops and deck it with one or two high-end appliances. Paint the
cabinets and get brand-new knobs and handles. Your kitchen will look expensive,
and potential clients will gladly shell out another $10,000 for o decent
kitchen. Change your lighting fixtures and make sure they’re a little bit
brighter. A bright house appears more inviting and cheery, so take down the
drapes and any bushes that would hamper the sunlight. Buy new doorknobs for
every door, but make sure to pay closer attention to the front door. First
impressions can make or break a deal, so make sure you wow your buyers even
before they enter your house with beautiful flowers and shrubbery.
Make It Immaculate

Cleanliness is one of the most important aspects of making
your house appear livable and inviting. Get rid of unnecessary clutter and even
your more personal items. You want your buyers to imagine themselves living in
the house, and 8×12 photos of your family lying around could dispel the
illusion. Hire a
professional cleaning company
to go through your home before putting
it in the market. Hiring professionals will make sure that your home is left
immaculate, with no traces of dirt or odors. They can go to places that you
can’t reach, and they know how to clean a house properly. Not everyone loves
pets, so a tuft of cat hair or the strong scent of dogs can make your home
appear messy and unsanitary. Keep your pets with friends/family or at a local
pet hotel.
Stage Everything

Staged houses sell at higher prices. While staging your home
might entail moving out, it is the most effective way to reel in customers and
get higher rates. You can opt for professional services when staging your
house, but you can also do it yourself. See your home from a buyer’s
perspective and remove the little traces that make the home uniquely your own.
Arrange furniture to highlight space; make sure beds and couches aren’t
touching corners or walls and making your rooms look smaller. Bake some cookies
before the big day. Familiar scents can make a house more inviting, and the
smell of cookies trigger hunger pangs, which can hopefully bring about feelings
of immediate want. A good broker is essential in selling your house. A broker
is part of the stage, and his/her knowledge and charm can add a couple of grand
or more.
Selling fast and selling high are the biggest priorities in the property market. Invest a little time,
effort, and cash – and reap the rewards once you sell your house at a higher
price than you expected.

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