Must-Capture Wedding Moments

A huge regret of many brides is not capturing those special moments in both video and photograph form.

By having a professional like the photographer at  capture all of those once-in-a-lifetime
moments in both mediums, it is so much easier for the bride and groom, and their family and friends, to relive
the day, recall those memories in so much detail and always be able to remember just how that big day felt.

With that in mind, here are some must-capture moments that you should have recorded, in photo and video
form, at your wedding:

Getting Ready

Those hours before your wedding where you’re both totally nervous and extremely excited for your big day;
those moments where you’re getting ready with your bridesmaid or best man, transforming yourselves into
your most beautiful versions so you can walk down the aisle in style, they need to be captured so you can
remember what that amazing anticipation for the most important moment in your lives was like.

The Details of the Wedding

Most couples spend a lot of time and money planning how the reception will look, choosing the perfect
decorations from, spending hours shopping for just the right shoes and ensuring
that every little detail is just perfect of the big day, so it makes sense, if you want to relive your wedding in all it’s
glory to have your photographer/videographer capture all of that effort you put in. Yes, you should have lots of focus
on the people at the wedding, but the details should not be left out of the picture.

The Walk Down the Aisle

That moment when you walk down the aisle is likely to be one of the most overwhelming and emotional of your life,
which means that you might not remember it all that well once the wedding is over. Ensure that you do indeed recall
every detail by having it captured for prosperity. After all, there’s nothing like that look of devotion on your husband to
be’s face when he sees you in your wedding dress for the first time, That’s one memory you won’t want to leave in the

Those Amazing Speeches

A lot of people hate wedding speeches either because they drag on for too long or because they are frequently
embarrassing, but actually, those speeches are about the people who love you showing you how much they care
and wishing you the best in your life. Chances are you are going to want to hear them again, so get them on video.

The Guests having a Ball

Yes, your wedding is about you and your bride or groom to be, but it’s also about the guests who love you, and that’s why you are absolutely going to want to capture them dancing, eating, messing around, crying and generally having a great time at your wedding. Oh, those embarrassing end of the night photos are probably the best, so definitely tell your photographer to capture as many of them as you can!

Capture more of your wedding and create even better memories for the future!

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