The 3 Factors To Sort Out ASAP When Planning Your Wedding

Congratulations on your upcoming big day; the fun is about to begin, as you’ll be planning and organizing one of the most important events in your life. Some find it challenging to make sure they have everything they need, and to ensure that everything is perfect for them and their future spouse. However, with time and effort invested from the get-go; there’s no reason your wedding won’t be a stress-free and seamlessly-run occasion, which everyone will enjoy and remember.

There are some key elements that are crucial to the success of a wedding day, so the sooner you lock them down, the better. Knowing that you have the major areas of your wedding booked and sorted out, with help to take a weight off your shoulders, and you can start to enjoy the rest of the planning, like decorations and food choices. The following are three things that you can’t afford to be lazy with; so make sure they’re top of your priority list when it comes to planning your wedding.


The Guest List

It’s easy to know who will be sitting at your top table with you, and perhaps filling up a couple of the other tables is a breeze too. However, sometimes, handling the rest of the guest list can be more challenging. The best thing you can do is to start with your budget and a set number of guests that you’ll be able to invite.

Discuss with your other half the importance of not going over the limit or number of people you want on your big day. Start with your closest family and friends; they will begin to fill out the numbers. If you have room left over, you might have to dedicate those spaces to people’s partners, or those friends that you can’t imagine not being there. Be strict; people will understand that you have a budget, and if they don’t, you’ve made a great call in not inviting them in the first place.

The Venue

Once you’ve decided who’s coming, you can move forward with researching into venues and choosing somewhere that has a suitable capacity and amenities for your guests. Take into consideration the location and if your guests will be able to access it with ease. A place that fits a couple’s character and personality will also be the perfect backdrop for your wedding and all those treasured photos you’ll have. The style and era of your venue will also influence the look of your wedding, and most come with catering options, so it’s a decision that needs sorting out early on in the planning process.

The Dress

You want your wedding dress to help make you the star of the show; choosing one early on in the planning process will help you make further decisions regarding the style and colors of your decorations, themes, and bridesmaids dresses. Therefore, start enjoying the process of try on dresses as soon as possible; ensure you’ll be able to dance, eat, and enjoy your big day in beautiful style and comfort.

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