The Proper Etiquette for the Meet and Greet

Ever wondered how it would be meeting your spouses’ parents/ family for the first time? Many couples dread the meeting of their parents. Are they going to be civil? Will they like each other? Will we receive their blessing? All of these questions can cause nerves to sky rocket but there is no need to fret! Here are some great tips to ensure that the first time your families meet goes as smoothly as possible!
1.      Meet Each Other’s Parents Beforehand
To make the meeting a little easier try to meet each other’s parents separately beforehand to get an idea of how the family feels about the union. For example, the bride and groom meet the groom’s parents at dinner
 one night, and then the same for
 the bride’s parents another night.
2.      Stay Away From Typically Touchy Subjects
Try to keep the conversation light for the first night. Steer away from subjects like politics, religion, and money. These can all raise tensions especially if one of the families has strong feelings about them.
3.      Inform Parents Prior to Meeting
If you know that your spouse’s family has certain feelings or will say things that may make you or your family uncomfortable try to let them know ahead of time. This will prepare your family to react properly and help to avoid those uncomfortable silences.
4.      Stay on Topic
Try to remember that the whole point of this meeting is to discuss and enjoy the fact that the two of you are getting married! If you feel the conversations are becoming to heated try to direct the attention back to you two and about the wedding date, color scheme, theme, ect..
5.      Act as a Bridge
You and your spouse are the bridge that combines these two families. Introductions are crucial and if done right can really set the best mood for the whole night. Try to be very respectful when introducing your parents to his and his to yours. For example, a proper way of introducing your parents to his would be, “Mr. Smith, I would like you to meet my father, Mr. David Biggs. He is a wonderful hunter and has gone on an elk hunt recently too!” This allows the grooms father to engage in conversation quickly while being introduced respectfully by the brides daughter.
6.      Remember the Big Picture
Just remember that no matter what happens during the planning of the wedding that your two families will be joined for many years after. Cordialness is a must during the time of planning a wedding and keep in mind its only one day, and is not worth years of tension. Those family members are now both of yours and will be involved in your lives weather they live 20 or 20,000 miles away and life will be much easier if these ties remain conflict free!
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