Aspects to Improve that would Increase Employee Productivity

Typically as wedding planners, coordinators and interns we work at different hours and in different locations sometimes in the office, car, coffee shops, etc. It can vary from early mornings to late nights and weekends when clients are in town. 

Working 8 hours a day can be exhausting to anyone regardless
of the kind of work one is doing. This is one of the reasons why over the
years, companies have tried to experiment with changing workplace norms such as
providing flexible working hours in hopes of increasing employee productivity.

However, time is not the only factor that affects an
employee’s performance. Both tangible and intangible aspects of the working
environment can determine whether or not an employee will be able to work well
for the day or not. Understanding and making necessary changes to these aspects
will have an effect on your company’s productivity.
Have a conducive workspace

Buying office furniture in Salt Lake City to improve your overall office look and
ergonomics might seem like a luxurious expense. But studies have shown that
employees thrive better if their workspaces are comfortable. Providing your
employees ergonomic chairs and tables will affect not just their health, but
also their overall performance. Also, letting natural light in will not only
help you save up on power bills but also help boost people’s moods. Arranging
the office in such a way that employees can have their own privacy when
working, while at the same time have common spaces to grow, mingle, and share
ideas, is a balance that every office space can benefit from.
Tap into your employees’ motivational side

Aside from the physical changes that can be done to increase
productivity, getting into your employees’ personal side is also important. A regular reward system or a simple recognition
can have a huge impact on one’s attitude towards work. Being appreciated for
the hard work that they are putting in the company will affect employees
positively in ways you may not have anticipated.
Implement rules that will improve productivity

Like other thriving businesses, a balance between discipline
and fun should be made. Implementing strict rules that can help guide employees
align with the company and its goals is important. Regular meetings can serve
as a good reminder. So is putting surveillance in the office. This can help
employees understand that there is a time for work, fun, relaxation, and even
Be open to change

A relationship is always a two-way street. This also goes
true with an employer-employee one. As an employer, you might have the
authority in implementing rules, regulations, and letting your people know your
concerns and the things that you want to be done in the company. However,
having a listening ear towards the plight, opinions, and concerns of your
employees is also as important. If an employee feels that their concerns and
their opinions matter and are heard, then putting in more effort in the things
they do will naturally follow. Getting regular feedback on how the company is
faring, and how it can be improved, is very important in your quest for
increased productivity.
Increased productivity and efficiency is not something that
can happen overnight, nor is it something that can be done by a single person.
By functioning as a whole, attaining your goals
and improving your company is something that can be done.

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