Shoes..the Girls TRUE Best Friend

Since we all can remember the saying goes “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” But honestly we all know that’s so not true. How many of us can actually afford to splurge on diamonds…not many. However, we all know who are real friends are…SHOES! Not many what type of woman you are we all love shoes! We all have that one special pair that we love to wear. They make us feel beautiful not matter what and always fit! They are there for us on our “fat” days and always make us feel better when we’re under the weather! So it comes to reason that on our wedding day the shoes are to be just as carefully chosen as the dress. But what type of shoe is appropriate for each occasion? The answer is whatever you want! Yes the dress should match the theme, but the shoes are your personality statement! So flaunt it ladies and show off your real best friends!
·         The Pump- if you can handle a little heel on your big day the pump is your friend! They come in short and tall heels and usually have a rounded toe.
·         The Pointed Stiletto- with its pointed toe, this is a very sexy shoe. Also can come in short and tall heel, but usually is pretty tall. Great for those who want longer looking legs.
·         The Flat- flat shoes are perfect for weddings because they are so comfortable, but you don’t have to trade in comfort for fashion! They come in every style you can think of!
·         The Mary-Jane– usually quickly identified by its signature single strap over the top of the foot. These are a comfortable and cute heel.
·         The Ankle Boot– great for those colder weddings where you want style but don’t want your toes to fall off!
·         The Rainboot– for those quirky brides who want a little funk on their big day

·         The Sneaker– show off your punk! Great for those cute tea length dresses! Not to mention your feet will thank you at the end of the night!
·         The Flip-Flop- we all love our sandals. These are perfect for beach weddings and you can get special ones that imprint sayings in the sand as you walk.
·         The Wedge- wedges are a great way to wear a heel because they provide support to the whole foot, making it a lot easier to wear them the entire night.
·         The Slingback- and open toe heel, can be small or tall. The shorter heel is the better choice in this shoe as the straps and heel are usually very thin and can be difficult to walk in. Make sure to get a pedicure!
·         The Peep-Toe Platform- very high heeled shoes, similar to a pump but have a cute cutout in the bottom to show off your toes.   

“What do women want? Shoes.” ― Mimi Pond

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