All About Purple

The color purple is an ancient color, the dye originally being produced from the shells of snails. Because of the rarity, only royalty and emperors were able to afford items in this color and so common connotations associated with purple of nobility, dignity, pride and success. Other connotations include passion, sophistication, ceremony, admiration, mystery, spirituality, fantasy, creativity, wisdom, and purpose. Dark purple highlights the richness of this dynamic color, but for weddings lighter purples are often used because the color appears more romantic and delicate.

While not the most common of flower colors, there are a variety of flowers that bloom in shades of purple and violet. Pansies, allium, wisteria, irises, lavender, lilac, sweet pea, orchids, heliotrope, phlox, crocus, violets, hibiscus, roses, anemones, dahlias, freesias, clematis, peonies, ranunculus, tulips, petunias, gladiolus, hydrangeas, lisianthus, camellia, carnations, and mums a some of the more common flowers that come in purple. Purple flowers are good in monochromatic bouquets or blended with other colors such as green or yellow.

Purple is also a fascinating crystal and stone color. Amethyst is a very popular precious gem that commonly comes in purple. Other violet stones include: ametrine, sugilite, lavender jade, selenite, iolite, lavender quartz, and lepidolite. Added to or replacing the diamonds in a wedding or engagement band, purple stones can bring calming a uplifting feelings in additions to those listed above.
Purple is a rare color in food with berries and some roots such as sweet potatoes and carrots exhibiting this hue. Eggplant though, is probably the best known purple food along with certain varieties of grapes. Drinks in this case would probably be the easiest way to tie in a purple color scheme with the reception food.
Scents that are remeniscant of purple often come from purple flowers, such as, lavender, violets, and wisteria. Lavender is a good choice for men for use either in lavender water or in cologne with a lavender note. As are many purple things, purple scents are very light, delicate and soothing.