Everything You Need To Know To Make Your Outdoor Wedding A Triumph

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Are you planning an outdoor wedding? Here’s everything you need to know to make your big day a triumph. 

Inquire About Site Fees


Pixabay – CC0 License

Just because outdoor weddings are held in the open air, that doesn’t mean that they’re free. Often, you have to pay a fee to the person or organization that owns the land. Also, if you’re planning on a remote wedding, you may have to pay more for things like catering and food deliveries. Take these into account at the planning stage. 

Provide Umbrellas

Even if the weather forecast says that it will be blazing sunshine all week, make sure that you provide all your guests with umbrellas. You never know when the heavens will open. 

Take Precautions To Prevent The Wind From Wreaking Havoc

Things can get pretty windy outside, especially if you’re having your wedding on a beach or a mountain. Experts like FL Destination Weddings who carry out these kinds of ceremonies regularly suggest taking precautions. For brides, that means wearing dresses that won’t ride up in the wind and have enough bulk to keep them on the floor. For the best man, it means writing the speech on something sturdy, or using a tablet computer, not a flimsy bit of paper. And for the decor, it means stapling everything to the ground and providing candles with windshields. 

Bring A Generator

Many modern outdoor wedding venues offer power hookups on site. But some don’t. Check with the venue ahead of time whether there are mains supplies that can meet all your needs. If the site can’t, you’ll have to provide a generator. Don’t worry, they’re easy to hire, and most companies will send an operative to help you set the thing up. 

Always Have A Plan B

A bit of summer drizzle never forced a wedding indoors. But if the heavens open or hurricane-force winds arrive, you need a backup plan. Mostly a marquee tent will suffice. But if you’re getting married in the south and there’s a raging storm out to sea, you might want to consider reserving an indoor venue too. Yes, it’s a pain, but it protects you should the worst happen. 

Keeps Guests Cool

Warm, sunny days in May are ideal for weddings. The temperature is just right, and everyone feels comfortable in their suits, ties, and dresses. But when August heat waves strike, it can become too hot for guests. If possible, provide plenty of shade, especially in the hotter months of the year. Also, don’t be afraid to offer handheld fans, hats, and plenty of refreshing drinks in ice chests. 

Choose Comfortable Seating

Outdoor seating looks great, but when it comes to comfort, it leaves a lot to be desired. Where possible, dress your chairs with cushions and provide a little extra ballast for guest behinds.  

Distribute Heel Protectors

Sand and grass are lethal to heels. So if you want to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions on the big day, distribute heel protectors to stop guests from sinking into the ground.

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