Secrets For A Fun-Filled Wedding Reception

While your wedding ceremony is a magical and essential part of any wedding day, it’s the reception that most brides,
grooms, and guests look forward to. After all, who doesn’t want to eat fabulous foods, have a drink or two, and dance
the night away? Your wedding day will go by much faster than most would like, which is why you should ensure that you
enjoy every minute of it. With that in mind, here are six secrets to help you plan a fun-filled wedding reception.

Get Your Guests There
Unless your ceremony and reception are being held at the same venue, all of your guests are going to need to get from
one place to another. If you have guests that can’t drive or will struggle to get to the reception for another reason, then
this could cause problems. To ensure your reception gets off to a good start, you could hire transportation for anyone
who may need it.

Arrange The Seating Carefully
When it comes to arranging the seating for your reception, it’s probably best that you don’t play matchmaker. Although
you may want to build bridges between feuding loved ones or set one guest up with another, this can cause awkwardness,
tension, and even arguments. It makes much more sense to seat friends together so that everyone can actually have some fun.

Keep Your Guests Fed
Hungry and thirsty guests are much more likely to leave your reception before the festivities are over. To prevent this, you should
arrange for food to come in frequently throughout the event and find a bartender for hire to serve drinks. Ensure that there are
plenty of snack foods available at all times and arrange for there to be non-alcoholic options, like tea, coffee, and soft drinks.

Rethink The First Dance
All eyes are on you during your first dance, so make sure that you make it memorable. After all, this is the perfect opportunity
to surprise your guests. You could start out with a classic first dance song and then switch things up and break into something
a little more energetic. This will provide plenty of laughs and encourage everyone to get on the dance floor.

Change Into Something Comfortable
Wedding dresses are absolutely beautiful, but, depending on the gown you’ve chosen, they can get quite uncomfortable
throughout the night. For this reason, you should consider changing into something else once your first dance is over. Whether
this is a white jumpsuit or little white dress, you’ll feel happier overall, which means that your guests will too.

Plan For The Children
Kids can liven up a wedding reception like you wouldn’t believe. However, if they get bored and cranky, they can also
bring the mood right down. To ensure your small guests have a great time too, you should plan to entertain them
throughout the night. You could book a child entertainer, hire a bouncy castle, or even set up an entire room for them to play in.

Wedding receptions are supposed to be a night to remember, and, hopefully, with the advice above, yours can be.

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