Reception Idea: Wedding Games!

If you take a look at our blog post from a few weeks ago and scroll down through the pictures you will see that Kirsten and Joe had custom made Cornhole boards for their guests to play with at their reception. I thought this was a great idea so I went on a search for other games couple’s are incorporating into their weddings. Thinking of adding a game to your reception for you and your guests? Give some of these a try.

Bride & Groom Games

The Shoe Game (see picture above)
Never heard of it? Here is how it works:
This is a reception game so after dinner, drinks, and little dancing you clear the dance floor.
Place two chairs back-to-back on the dance floor for the bride and groom.
Remove both of your shoes and trade one shoe with your new spouse! (so you are holding one of each)
Have your guests (or a designated person) ask a series of questions about you and your relationship. For Instance, “who is the better driver?”. 
After each question, each of you holds up the shoe of the person you think is the best answer to the question.

Cherry on a String
This game requires one bride, one groom, and one cherry on a string held by someone in the bridal party. 
The goal of this game: 
Using only their mouths, the newlyweds must work together to eat the cherry. 
A lot of fun can be had if the designated string holder raises and lowers the cherry to make it a little harder to eat the cherry. 
The game ends when the cherry is gone.
A lot of brides who have Sunday brunch or afternoon receptions recommend using lawn games in lieu of dancing and a DJ.Since morning and mid-day weddings sometimes don’t feel like a dancing affair this seems like sound advice. Even if you have an evening reception complete with a band or DJ sometimes guests just don’t feel like dancing. 
Games for Everyone

Giant Games
Connect Four
Lawn Games
Ring Toss
Horse Shoes
 You can choose just one or have a variety of games for your guests to play. Just remember, its your wedding day so don’t be afraid to join in on all the fun. 
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