Bride of the Month ~ Krista

It all started on Oregon Trail over 25 years ago…

Josh moved from the other side of the world and Krista moved from the other side of town, but by the age of seven we ended up down the street from one another on Oregon Trail. We shared classes and friends from elementary school through college – running into each other at a party or two, chatting amongst ourselves. After college Josh moved around the country and Krista moved to Cleveland, Ohio. Years passed, and as adults we ran into each other while being home for the holidays, and again, we found ourselves talking. Another year went by, and as fate would have it, Josh had an opportunity to move to Cleveland. After contacting Krista on Facebook regarding life in the great Land of Cleve, he decided it was the right time to move back to the Midwest. In Josh’s words, “Oh Krista, we’re gonna have so much fun!”

From the day Josh moved to Cleveland, we have been inseparable. Initially as friends, we had fun exploring the city together and would spend hours talking and laughing in our ‘time warp’. It wasn’t until Krista took Josh out to dinner for his birthday that they realized something had changed. Krista says it was the day she felt his heart open, and Josh says it was the day he realized she was the one for him. Almost two years later Josh took Krista back to the same restaurant for her birthday, but this time he got down on one knee…

And so our story continues… 

The happy couple will be getting married on Saturday May 31, 2014 at 42 Degrees North in the Detroit Renaissance Center, Downtown Detroit. There will be 6 groomsmen, 5 bridesmaids, and 2 ring bearers. Colors of the wedding will be shades of gray, neutrals, and mixed metallics. The bride has been referring to the “simple classic” theme as “Retro Metro”.  Krista and Josh are paying for the celebration themselves and have had fun finding ways to be creative while also staying budget savvy. Krista paid special attention while designing and creating all the decor, making sure that each item is easy to put up and take down, reusable and/or sellable.

A special note from Krista:

“Thank You Tradesy and Pat Catan’s!! You’re the Bride is the finishing touch to execute the day Josh and I have been planning all year. We can’t wait!!”

You’re The Bride is very excited to be a part of this special day. Congratulations to Krista and Josh!
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