Tips for a Successful Ceremony

During the wedding ceremony it is important the bride and groom really show who they are as a couple. Most ceremonies are so “cookie cutter” these days, but here are some ways to make your ceremony extra special:

*Speak From the Heart-This will really draw people into you and your partner’s relationship, your vows should be warm and show the other person how committed you are

*Know your Officiant- Unless they have known you for years, they really have no idea who you and your partner are as a couple

*Get Cultural- A great way to celebrate not just the joining of two families, but of two cultures so try to incorporate different aspects of each others cultures

*Include Everybody- The ceremony is the part that holds the most meaning, assign family members to light the unity candle or assign friends different readings

If your note sure how to go about planning your wedding ceremony give us a call to see if you would be interested in our services. If you are looking for a officiant try one of these gentleman as they are both great!
Rev. Phillip Rogers or Rev. Fred.


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