Wedding Guest Spotlight: Dietary Restrictions

There are so
many details a bride and groom must consider when planning their wedding day.
One topic that causes so much undue stress is dealing with the dietary needs of
guests. It may seem rather daunting when you consider how many restrictions are
out there. Some of the more popular requests I have seen at weddings are:
Gluten free, peanut allergies, Kosher and Halal meals, vegetarian, vegan, etc.
So how do you accommodate the needs of your guests who may have a plethora of
dietary restrictions?

RSVP Cards:

RSVP cards are
used to provide guests with their dining options at your wedding. Common
choices will include beef, chicken, or fish and a vegetarian option. This can also
be a place for your guests to provide any details about their dietary issues,
such as a food allergy. Be cautious about what terms you use when asking guests
for dietary information. For example the terms “dietary restrictions” should be
used instead of “food preferences” to ensure you don’t have guests asking for
different foods without a legitimate need for a special meal. Another option is
to exclude this line altogether. Most people with legitimate needs are used to
informing others and will most likely state their concerns without being
prompted to do so.

Do your homework:

You may have
guests that request a vegan meal or gluten-free food. Do your homework so you
know exactly what those terms mean. As always, do not be afraid to ask any
questions your guests will appreciate that you are taking the time to make sure
you fully understand what your guests can and cannot eat. There may be a way
for your caterer to make a dish without allergy-causing ingredient, but
sometimes it’s better to just have a different dish made for those guests with

Express Concern:
you may be unable to accommodate a certain dietary restriction. Make sure you
let your guest know that you are sincerely concerned with their needs and are
grateful that they want to celebrate your special day with you.

Those little Extras:

If you
already know of guests that have a certain dietary restriction you may want to
consider it as an option for everyone. Even though pasta is a popular
vegetarian option, guests with gluten intolerance might not appreciate a pasta
dish. Use this as an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. If all else
fails, your guests can always inform a server at the reception that they have
special needs. I have seen many servers go out of their way to take care of guests
with dietary needs. 

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