Around and Around

it comes to planning your seating arrangements for your wedding you want to be
sure that everyone can see and hear you. With traditional isle or chevron
seating those in the very back can seldom hear what you, your fiancé, or the Officiant
is saying. Not to mention that they can hardly see you, especially if you have
a large wedding party. 
So why not do something different? Round
seating is a new trend that seems to be catching on especially for outdoor brides.
This allows your guests to see you and hear you from every angle. And no one
gets stuck in a blind spot. If you love this idea try it out at your wedding!
Just be sure to double check with your venue coordinator to be sure that it
will work. There are many different styles and shapes you can create! I
personally love the swirl so that everyone can see you as you do your grand entrance.
It is a very whimsical and personal touch.

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