Songs to Put on Your Do Not Play List and Why

There are songs you love and then the songs you absolutely hate. But there are also some songs you wouldn’t think about putting on your do not play list, here are some songs to add to the list and why they should never be played at your wedding.

Chicken Dance-
Flapping your arms like a chicken at a classy wedding? Need I say more?

Just because this song can be played at a plethora of occasions, doesn’t mean it should be played at your formal wedding. Plus what does the song have to do with a wedding anyhow? 

Cha Cha Slide- Sure its catchy but step by step dance move songs are soooo overdone. Many couples are opting out of all organized songs all together these days.

Macarena-This song can make you wedding seem dated very fast, its an older song and peaked in the nineties. It’s suggested that you opt out of this one.

Congratulations on your engagement!

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