7 Deadly Hair Mistakes Brides Make

1.    Trying Out a New Hair Color
This is your big day and trying a crazy new hair color may be a bad choice. The goal is to look like an enhanced version of you. Try to stick with what you normally color your hair and maybe tweak it a little to look fresh.
2.      Trying Out a New Hair Cut
If you are going to get your hair cut before the wedding do it about 3-4 weeks before, not days, so you have time to decide on the best way to style it before the wedding and you like the results.
3.      Choosing a Random Stylist
When choosing someone to style your hair for your wedding, make sure it’s someone who you have worked with before. If you don’t have a regular stylist make sure to hire a stylist that has a very good reputation you don’t want to look like a poodle on your big day.
4.      Choosing One Style
Make sure to keep in mind the theme of your wedding and the style of your dress when picking out a hairstyle. Don’t be afraid to try different styles too. The best way is to set up a consult with your stylist and choose between 3-5 styles you would like to try. This will give you an idea what looks best on you.
5.      Veil Removal
Be sure to have someone help you remove your veil after the ceremony carefully! You still want to look great for the reception and your veil is sometimes the deal breaker. In order to keep your hair looking great, have your stylist show you or part of the bridal party how to remove it properly without destroying your do.
6.      Wearing the Proper Clothing
When going to your stylist on the day of your wedding make sure to already have on the proper clothes. A button down shirt is the best option because it comes off without having to pull it over your head and ruining the hair you just paid for. T-Shirts are a really BAD idea!
7.      Preparation for the Wedding Day
Many stylists suggest that brides DO NOT use conditioner in their hair before going to get it done. If you must wash your hair before heading to the salon, only use shampoo and gently towel dry it. This makes it easier for your stylist to work with and will help guarantee that the style will hold longer.
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