Choose Tattoos!

Tattoos are nothing to be ashamed of on your wedding day. You got them for a reason in the first place right? Well no one person has an identical tattoo, that’s what makes them so unique. If you have tattoos and want to show them off on your wedding day how should you do it? Well the fact is that it’s your day and you can show them off any way you want to! 
            Now if you are that bride who is very proud of her tattoos and wants to rock them on your big day here are some tips for you!            
 Buy a dress that enhances the tattoo, one that draws people attention to the area. This is especially a great idea for those of you who love crystals and gems! If your tattoo has special meaning to you, for example in remembrance of a loved one, share it with your guests. Make a special announcement during the ceremony/reception and show your tattoo(s) in pictures and to guests throughout the night!
 For those of you brides who have tattoos but want to be conservative for your big day there are many tricks you can use to hide them. The first is makeup. Be sure to cleanse the area before applying. Find a good, moisture resistant concealer/coverup that is a few shades lighter your skin tone, and dab it on. Do not rub! Then go in with a second slightly darker one and blend to match your skin. Keep it with you throughout the day because you will need to do touchups, especially for pictures. A great concealer that tattoo artists use is called Dermablend.

 Secondly if you really want to conceal a tattoo on your arms or upper body, choose a gown that will fully cover it for you, then you don’t have to worry about it coming uncovered! 
Congratulations on your engagement and don’t be afraid to choose your tattoo!
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