4 Bride Worthy Facial Tips

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As you are nearing your big day, you might be
considering getting a facial. Below we discuss some tips to get the best
Tip #1  Extractions,
the removal of blackheads. Extractions are a great way to clear up the skin but
the first one should take place at least a few months before hand if you have
never had one. Extractions are when an esthetician will use their hands to coax
blackheads out of the skin’s surface and open out those clocked pores. Estheticians
have been specially trained how to do this so that they will not damage the
skin. They may use peels, steam, or heated cloths to open the pores before the
actual extraction. They may not be able to get every little blackhead out in
one session but that is why it is suggested that you do not do this one the
week before. In preparation for a facial that involves extraction, make sure to
drinks lots of water and use moisturizers that truly work for your skin. Dry skin
will make the process of extraction very difficult.
Tip #2  Find an esthetician that
matches with you. A rookie mistake is assuming all estheticians are the same. That
is simply not the case. Some will use products that their spa carries, not
exactly because they are the ones they think are best. Some use only natural
products, some may use much more potent products for a quicker result. Call
around to find out what type of products they use, experience they have, and
even their price ranges. Share your own skin care concerns or expectations of
results to get the best fit.

Photo Credit: pexels.com
Tip #3  Know what you use. One of
the first questions you will get asked is what do you use. It will be difficult
for them to figure what to use on you if you do not know what you already use.
If you do not know all the products on the top of your head, make a small note
on your phone so you do not forget.
Tip #4  Stock up on the sun
protection. Facials will remove the top layer of dead skin cells to show the
beautiful skin beneath. This also means your skin will become more sensitive to
the sun. Apply sunscreen daily and as many times throughout the day that it
recommends. If you let your skin burn after a facial, you might just end up
doing more harm than good.

Photo Credit: pexels.com

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