Wedding Transportation

If you’re looking for a way to spice your wedding up a little, consider doing something fun and different for your transportation. Instead of just searching for limos, think about some of these ideas:

Horse and Carriage

A very romantic and elegant way to arrive at your reception.

Cost: $650-1700 for three hours

Seats: 2-4


A fun, fast, and edgy way to arrive!

Cost: $35-$65 for two hours

Seats: 2

Classic Car

Classic cars never go out of style, and are an elegant and sophisticated way to arrive.

Cost: $125-$200 an hour

Seats: 2-4

Sports Car

Make a flashy entrance by showing up in the sports car of your dreams. Show up in a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Viper, etc. and have all your guests talking!

Cost: $800-$2000 per day

Seats: 2-4

Party Bus

If you have a large number of guests to transport, a party bus is the perfect option. They come in all different sizes, and you’re sure to have a blast on the ride over.

Cost: $100-$300 an hour

Seats: 16 up to 60, depending on size


Another good option if you have a large bridal party. A classic and fun way to show up to your wedding reception.


Seats: apx. 32

Motorcycle and Sidecar

A fast and fun way to show up to your reception.

Cost: $150-250 per day

Seats: 2


If your reception site is located on the water, try making a splash and showing up in a boat.

Cost: $3500 and up per day, depending on the type of boat you rent


Showing up on horseback is a fun and memorable way to show up to your reception. Not to mention, makes for some awesome photos.

Cost: $100-$300 per day

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