Fact or Fiction? When it Comes to Hall “Coordinators”, Do You Know What Your Getting?

           Your reception hall “coordinator” will help you plan your wedding


 I often hear brides say that they “don’t need an outside planner”
because their venue
has an on-site coordinator, and unfortunately, some brides find out too
late that this is just not the case. The on-site coordinator is there
to manage the services being provided by the reception hall, and the
services they will provide are very different
from those that a
professional wedding planner
provide.  A good on-site coordinator will assist you with items like
table arrangements, place settings and linens and opening the building
for vendor deliveries (depending on your venue).Unlike
an actual wedding planner or
day-of coordinator
, your on-site
venue coordinator will not call your vendors to verify anything the week
before the wedding, find you vendors that meet your budget (though they
may give you a pre-made list), call your bakery
with your final numbers, or help you to trouble shoot difficult issues
with vendors on your wedding day.  Don’t get me wrong, on-site
coordinators are great, but it’s important to understand what they will
and won’t do for you, so you can be properly prepared
for your big day!

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