Have you chosen your centerpieces yet?

Choosing your centerpieces for your reception can be nerve-wracking, However, there are lots of styles that can add to the overall look of your wedding that still have a unique aspect about them.

Keep in mind that your centerpieces will be going in the middle of your guests table. And by having any type of arrangement that is too tall and full will obstruct your guests ability to have a conversation. But if your heart is set on having tall centerpieces, there are easy ways to go about keeping lines of communication open. For example, use thin branches as a way to add height with out becoming bulky. Or, have a flower arrangement placed on top of a thin stand, like the one above.

If you are having an Italian/vineyard/Tuscan style wedding, consider having bottles of wine as a part of your centerpiece. Add grapes and candles for cozy touch. or you can even use the bottle as a vase for a small bouquet.

Or, for something really out of the ordinary, have an inverted centerpiece. This is a centerpiece that is hung from the ceiling above the center of each table. (Be sure to check with your venue before making plans for this type of centerpiece) Inverted centerpieces can be small chandeliers, a hanging flower arrangement, or a combination of both, like in this arrangement.