Stogy Stacker ~ Cigar Box

You have asked all your best buddies to stand up for you on your big wedding day and they
can’t wait to share in the fun! Now you have to come up with something unique to thank them
for standing by your side on the most important day of your life. Our friends over at Groovy
Groomsmen gifts always have just the right gift for everyone in your bridal party. 

Each box is $39.99 and you qualify for free shipping on orders over $75. 

We are featuring this custom engraved cigar box that will serve as a great place to store cigars
and keep them fresh until your next guys night.  There is a beautiful swinging latch that keeps the cigars inside on a bed of wood straw. 
The boxes are made from birch plywood and can be customized
with each groomsman’s name, role and wedding date to keep as a memento from the day. 
There are plenty of other gift ideas you should check out from watches, shot glasses, tie clips, coolers, wallets and much more!
Don’t forget ladies,
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personalized Valentine’s Gifts for that special guy in your life.

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