Creative Ways to Make Your Wedding Photos Stand Out

So, you’ve picked out the perfect wedding photographer, someone who will capture you in your best light and create high-quality photographs to mark the most important occasion of your life to date, but how do you get your photos to stand out from the crowd?
You might have noticed that looking at one couple’s wedding album is pretty much like looking at anyone else’s and that’s a bummer. If you want yours to be different, to be truly unique and special even after many years have passed, here are some creative things you can do to make your wedding photos stand out:
Ask Your Photographer to See Their Creative Portfolio
Most wedding photographers will have at least experimented with more creative, artistic styles and they will probably jump at the chance of being able to take more conceptual photos of your big day, so ask to see their portfolio and  pick out some unique styles you like and let them know that you’ll be happy for them to get a bit more creative.
Choose a Unique Location
Even if you’re getting married in a traditional setting, you can find an unusual place nearby where you’ll be able to get some interesting shots. A treehouse, an abandoned building, a bridge or a wildflower meadow – it really doesn’t matter, just try to find something a bit out of the norm if you want your wedding album to wow everyone who sees it.
Do Something Quirky
If it’s raining, put a pair of wellies on under your dress and get a few shots showing them off. If there’s a beach nearby, run into the sea together and splash around, or maybe even have your wedding guest surround you both in a human heart for a few high up shots that will definitely be different from the norm.
Take Some Before Shots
Instead of just taking pictures of the wedding and the reception, book your photographer to come along a bit earlier and get some candid shots of you and your bridesmaids having fun sipping champagne, doing your makeup and getting ready for the big day. Do the same for your groom too, and you’ll have at least a few shots in your album that a lot of other couples won’t have.
Take More Photos of Inanimate Objects
Your wedding is, first and foremost, about the two of you and the friends a and family who have come to share your special moment, but it’s likely that you’ll also have put lots of effort into decorating the venue, creating pretty flower arrangements and providing delicious food, so be sure to celebrate that by having your photographer take plenty of pictures of them too!
Multi-Generational Snaps
A really nice way to make your wedding photos stand out is by taking lots of multi-generational snaps of the bride and groom with at least one person from each generation of their family living. This won’t only provide you with great mementos of your wedding, but it will give you some beautiful photos to look back on when certain members of the family have passed.

Does your wedding album have the wow factor? What did you do to make it that way?

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