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Many girls grew up dreaming about their wedding and what kind of dress they will have and all the beautiful flowers and people that will there on the big day. But have you thought about how your hair is going to look? Should it be up or down? What would look good with your dress now that you have actually picked it out? 

If you want a big princess style wedding with the Cinderella dress try leaving your hair down. If you have long hair, put a few curls in it. You can even add some jewels and gems into your hair to make it pop. Most Cinderella style dresses are strapless so if you leave your hair down its not going to cover up any part of the dress. 

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If you are into the whole boho style wedding try doing a big messy braid. You can even incorporate flowers in your hair  The boho style is very popular right now and flowers in your hair tops off that look. You could pull it into a messy bun and put some ribbon in it to make it pop. Another popular boho hairstyle would be to leave your hair down and as natural as it can be and add a flower headband!

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If you are a vintage girl and have a beautiful lace filled wedding dress try putting your hair up. In the 1920’s and 30’s all brides wore their hair up. Their dresses were very detailed and hand designed and they wanted it to be shown off. By putting your hair up it allows the beauty of the dress to be shown. A lot of brides back then also wore a headband that sparkled drawing attention to their faces. This made the whole look amazing from the detailed dress to the sparkly head piece! 

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