The Walk

One of the most exciting parts of any wedding is the walk down the isle. Some dance, some sing, but what is best for your wedding? Well that’s totally up to you! Many brides like to keep it simple and traditional, but others want to have a memorable one. Do you need ideas? Check out these great tips courtesy of You’re The Bride!
1.      For a cute flower girl, giver her chocolates instead of flowers. She can hand them to guests as she walks down the aisle.
2.      For a smaller wedding with only 1-3 bridesmaids. Have the entire bridal party, bridesmaids, flower girl, ring bearer, and walk together! The closeness creates a fun atmosphere and is great for those who hate to walk it alone! (of course the groomsmen would already be at the altar)
3.      For a great effect have the groomsmen meet the bridesmaid at the beginning of the isle, he bows, and hands her the bouquet. This is a cute way to begin the walk down the aisle.
4.      For those of you who have both a father and a step-father that would like to walk you down the aisle this is for you. Have your father to begin the walk down with you but halfway stop and let your step-father join you as you finish your entrance.
5.      Another fun entrance is to open the doors at the beginning of the isle and let all of the bridesmaids enter first. However they just step to the side and wait until it’s the brides turn. As soon as the bride enters the bridesmaids follow behind her. This allows all of the attention on the bride.
Congratulations on your engagement!
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