Save Money For Your Big Day

Every bride wants her fairytale wedding, but some brides
think they can’t have that because of one factor: MONEY. When planning a
wedding, no one wants to take out a loan or be in crazy debt from one night.
Every family is different and can afford certain things, while others can’t.
The good news is you don’t have to sacrifice you’re dream wedding, you just
have to make some small changes in your plans. Here are 5 ways you can save
money on your big day:
11.  Hold your ceremony and reception in the same
spot- make sure the reception hall has catering too! You don’t want to spend
the extra money on catering outside the company!
  2.   Less yet bigger tables- once you tie the knot
you are all family! Have fewer tables, have a few extra people at them
comfortably and you’ll save money by not having the extra tables, chairs,
linen, chair covers, centerpieces, etc.
  3.   Don’t use flowers for every center piece-
everyone knows the total cost of flowers really adds up, more than you’d think!
If you were to use flowers for half the centerpieces and props for others
(example candles), you’d save a ton of money! You can make this look clean,
classy and unique, it wouldn’t look odd!
44.  One-page invitations- you can kill two birds
with one stone by saving money AND trees (who doesn’t love saving the
environment?). Put all information that is needed on one invitation! You can
easily fit all information regarding the reception and ceremony on one piece of
paper, do front and back if needed!
55.  DIY- Do It Yourself! Nowadays, between Pinterest
and Google and everyone’s creative imagination, you can easily make a good
chunk of your wedding yourself! Your menus, the centerpieces, the little
favors, signs, etc. The opportunities are endless of what you can create, it’s
just a matter of how much time you have and patience! Yes, it will take longer
than just ordering the menus on the computer, but you can also use this time to
bond with family and friends! Imagine how much money you’d save making your own
center pieces from Michael’s than ordering 100+ of the same thing on Amazon or EBay?

You don’t have to sacrifice your bank account and you sure
don’t have to sacrifice your dream wedding! Save money and look beautiful all
at once, you deserve nothing less!
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