4 Advantages of Kitchen Cakes

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Kitchen cakes offer many benefits to stressed out
brides.  Kitchen cakes, are standard sized
sheet cakes that are kept in the kitchen. These cakes are purchased usually in
addition to a smaller tier cake or fake cake to keep on display.  They have a basic icing finish and no
decoration whatsoever but are never seen by your guests until it is cut and
served to these guests. Here are four advantages to having kitchen cakes at
your wedding.
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COST: The biggest deciding factor for many brides
in getting a kitchen cake is the cost saving qualities. Since they involve less
than half of the decoration time for a tier cake, the labor cost that the
bakery factors in will go down dramatically.
2.       TIME: Many of us have attended weddings where
there is a large time gap between when the bride and groom cut the cake, and
when the guest receives it. By having cakes in the back before the guest and
groom have even started, the catering staff is able to start cutting and
platting so that servers may start bringing out cake as soon as the tier is
cake is brought back. 
VARIETY: Many bakeries are used to baking multiple
flavors in different sized tiers for the happy couple. Kitchen cakes assure
that there is an equal amount of each flavor instead of worrying about the top
tier being too small to accommodate everyone that would prefer that flavor. This
also allows the bride and groom to pick different icings flavors. This may raise
the cost but be perfect for the couple that would like a rich chocolate cake
with a peanut butter buttercream icing in addition to a carrot cake with cream
cheese icing.
ALLERGIES: For those couples that have guests or
family members with allergies, kitchen cakes are a great way to keep things
safe and avoid cross contact/contamination. Many bakeries offer doing a separate
allergen free tier but this may worry some since the tiers are still touching.
By keeping the cakes separate and letting both the bakery, and catering staff
know, there will be no worries about allergic reactions.

Photo Credit: pexels.com

Make sure to shop around and see all your
options when it comes to your perfect cake. Many bakeries offer different
styles and flavors and it is important to pick the best one for you.
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