How Your Wedding Planner and Photographer Work Together For Your Wedding

Your wedding day is exciting and the biggest day in your life. You hire professional photographers,
so you get quality memories of the “once in a lifetime” day. You take the time to find the perfect gown,
and bridesmaids dresses. Your cake is prepared by experienced and well-known bakers.

Long before you make your reservation, you set up honeymoon registries to insure funds are available
when you need them. Travel agents book your honeymoon. The biggest decision you have to make on
your own is the selection of lingerie to take with you. (You can see the latest styles here.) You are investing
in a professional wedding. So, why would you skip hiring a wedding planner? Why would you put yourself in
such a massively responsible role on your wedding day?

In interviewing professional photographers from around the country, we found that a wedding planner is
one of their (and your) greatest assets. A wedding planner allows the bride and groom to enjoy their perfect
day, without added stress. Here are some of the reasons why a wedding planner is not only desired but needed.

  • Stress
    • A professional wedding planner oversees the entire event with the eyes of experience, and allow the
    • couple to be excited about their big day. Minor issues are dealt with without frustrating the bridal party.
  • Scheduling
    • There is only so much time available during an actual wedding. There are particular times allowed for the
    • use of the venue, the reception hall, reception, and photographs. Going past those times is very costly and
    • could delay another wedding scheduled behind yours.  A wedding planner keeps everyone on schedule.
    • They allow for minor delays, and they watch out for time zappers that will throw off the schedule. When it
    • comes to the photographer, time is money. If he is delayed at your wedding, he may be forced to send a
    • replacement to his next assignment which is very bad for his reputation.
  • Experience is everything
    • Wedding planners know the needs and desires of the couple. They have a better conception of the day than
    • an inexperienced person who has not walked every mile of this wedding journey with the couple. The wedding
    • planner has her finger on the pulse of things. They work together with the photographer to make sure the schedule
    • accommodates him with things like  natural lighting, scenery shots, and adjustments as needed to give the couple
    • their perfect wedding album. In a way, they make sure he has a great venue in which to do his magic.
  • Communication
    • There is nothing worse than a wedding where no one knows what the others are doing. Well-meaning family
    • members often try to take control if they think something is being overlooked. No one knows who to communicate
    • with, so they head right for the bride and groom. This is a recipe for disaster. On the wedding day, the bride and groom
    • are a little busy. They do not have time to settle arguments or come up with ideas at the last minute. A photographer
    • could be stuck in the middle while he is losing beautiful sunset shots outside. Once lost, they cannot be recovered.
There is a huge difference between someone taking pictures and a professional photographer. There is a big difference
in someone helping with the wedding and a professional wedding planner. The difference is worth everything and shows
throughout the celebration. It is only when things go horribly wrong that you realize you needed these professionals on
your team. Hire pros for your wedding. You will be glad you did. This will allow you to spend your glorious day in awe of
the event and madly in love.  

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