Feel Better Inside and Out

All brides want to look their absolute best on their wedding day so they can feel good about themselves and have amazing pictures to look at for years to come. There is some prep work involved as you may not be comfortable stepping into the new role of all the attention that will be upon you in the months leading up to your nuptials. Here are some tips on what to wear, makeup and diet. 

The image we project to the world matters. We may not realize it,
but we’re saying something about ourselves by the clothes we wear and the cars
we drive.
Even the food we eat offers clues to our personality. Think
about someone who is vegetarian, and then think about someone who eats potato
chips at every
meal. Rightly or wrongly, you probably think more highly of the
person who doesn’t eat meat than the person who snack food around the clock.
There’s more 
 than image at stake, too.
Making changes to our inner self can improve our outer self, just like making
changes to our exterior can improve how we feel on the 
What we wear
Comfort is important. In fact, for most people, comfort is the most important factor when it comes to deciding what they want to wear. Women sometimes draw the short end of the stick in
this regard, as they’re expected to put on makeup and
wear uncomfortable shoes all in the name of fashion. Men can get by with wearing  the same outfit over and
over, but that’s not always the case for women. However, there is a way to look
good without caking on the makeup and limping your way 
 through a party in high
heels. Do what feels most authentic to your own self and your own image. If
you’ve never worn false eyelashes, don’t feel the need to apply 
 them for a typical day at
the office.

It’s especially important for women to find a makeup routine that works for them. For some women, a little foundation and some lipstick is all they need to feel confident
 and capable of handling
whatever the day throws at them. Other women need longer, and that’s fine as
well. Shop for makeup from a variety of sources and try out a 
variety of different brands. A site like Sweet Sparkle is a great place to find makeup from brands including Cailyn Cosmetics. Experiment and find something that you can live with, because makeup is kind of like exercise: You’re way more likely to stick with it if you can find a way to enjoy it. A confident person is more likely to draw positive  attention, while an
uncertain person is often overlooked. If flats and a little mascara make you
feel confident, then stick with that.
What we consume

There are people who live to cook, people who cook to live, and people who just get take out most of the time. Getting take out can feel luxurious, but it can also really do a
number on your budget. Plan ahead to avoid swinging through the drive-thru for
the third time this week. Pay more for quality when you can. If you want to get
some protein 
your dairy, eating freshly
marinated fetta cheese is going to be a much more pleasant experience than eating synthetic cheese food wrapped in plastic. Start with small changes;
don’t expect yourself to cook a three-course meal seven nights a week. A step
in the right direction is much better than staying locked in place and doing
to improve
your quality of life.

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