The People Who Will Make or Break Your Wedding Day

You’d like to think that if you had just planned everything correctly, then your wedding will be amazing. But actually,
it’s not so much about the plans you put in place that will decide the fate of your wedding day, but the people who are
involved. After all, that’s basically what a wedding is: a large gathering of people! While you can dress everything up
and encourage people to have an awesome time, it’s the people who will have to walk the walk. Below, we take a look
at the big players who can make or break your special day. Make sure you get them right!


The Guestlist

Is there anything quite as difficult as getting the guest list right? Hopefully, there aren’t too many people that you’re inviting purely out of obligation.
It’s much better if, for every name on the guest list, you can say “I want them to be there and I’m sure they’ll contribute to a fun party atmosphere.”
Of course, few aspects of a wedding are quite as headache inducing as trying to get the right balance when it comes to the guests. The best approach
is to make the list with your heart,but then edit it with your head.

The Staff

You’re going to need good staff to ensure that the party flows well. It’s not an easy task, delivering canapes and drinks to people
in a smooth way that keeps the conversations flowing. As such, you’ll want to meet with prospective wedding staff teams to gauge
their professionalism and commitment to delivering a first-class wedding experience. If possible, look for recommendations from others.
There’s nothing worse than everyone wanting to have a good time, but a team of staff who can’t quite get their act together and make sure
everyone gets food and drink.

The Photographer

Your wedding day is going to literally last a matter of hours, but you’ll hope that it can live on for the rest of your lives. By choosing the best
wedding photographer, then that’s just what it’ll do. You’ll want to have a photographer who is able to make everyone feel at ease for the formal
shots, but who’s also a master of capturing those candid, on the fly shots too. You’ll want them to be there when you need them, and for them to
effortlessly fit in with the crowd the rest of the time.

The DJ

The wedding ceremony might be beautiful and inspiring and the rest, but it’s the wedding party that everyone will remember. As such, arguably the
most important person in the whole wedding is the DJ! They have to be able to spin the tracks that’ll have people dancing for hours on end. It’ll also
help if they can read the room and change things up if a track isn’t working!


Finally, there’s you. You’re under pressure, but do your best to enjoy it – if you’re having a good time, then everyone else will find it easier to enjoy
themselves, too.

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