Giving Your Wedding The Wow Factor

There’s a time for saving. A time for cutting down costs, cutting off the frills and sticking to the basics.
Your wedding day is not one of them! After all, this is a day that you and your fiance will look back on
for the rest of your lives. It’s a day that will be mentioned often when you reminisce with your family.
Every bride is beautiful and every wedding is wonderful, but you want to go the extra mile for your
significant other, your family and your guests. You want a wedding for the ages. A wedding that will
become the yardstick by which all others are measured. A wedding with… Wow factor! If there was
ever a time to treat yourself and embrace the more opulent side of life, it’s now. We’re often wowed
by images of celebrity weddings and pine for the standard of luxury their impressive salaries afford
them. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to be a millionaire to add a dash of glamour, luxury and
opulence to your wedding.

Imagination, creativity and of course beauty are all it takes to leave your guests’ jaws on the floor
when you stride down the aisle. Here are some ways in which you can give your wedding the wow
factor, whatever your tastes…

A luxurious locale

Getting married on your home turf has its inherent benefits. It’s easier to get friends and family and
the people who matter all around you on your big day. But if you really want to give your wedding the
wow factor, a luxurious and exotic locale is a great way to do it. What’s more spectacular and romantic
than the notion of getting married on a sun drenched beach? Or by a cascading waterfall? If you and
your partner are seasoned travel bugs, it behoves you to browse wedding locations and look for a
destination that reflects your passions and personality. The world is a big place and your love for one
another is too big to contain to a single country!

Show up in style

It’s incredibly romantic to see a beautiful blushing bride and handsome groom emerge from a luxury
car at their wedding reception. But if you want to really leave your guests agape, a more ostentatious
or unorthodox mode of transport may be required. Some couples prefer to leave the church astride
twin Harley Davidsons or in a horse drawn carriage. Once again, this is an opportunity to bring your
passions and personality to bear on your wedding. Even something as simple as a mode of transportation
can speak volumes about you and your relationship while also wowing your guests.

All creatures great and small

If you and your spouse to be are animals, you can bring an extra special and eye opening touch to your
big day by including your pets in the proceedings. Whether it’s training your beloved dog to be the ring
bearer and take the ring cushion down the aisle, rocking up to the church astride your pet horse or allowing
your pet birds to sing for your guests as they enter the church.

However you choose to bring the wow factor to your wedding, just be sure to remain present and enjoy each and every second of your big day… You deserve it!

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