5 Great Gift Ideas for Newlyweds

With the gorgeous days of autumn upon us, you can almost hear the wedding bells ringing. This past
Labor Day saw an unusual influx of engagements, so if you’re like most people, your Instagram feed
is full of wedding prep photos and you’ve already been invited to a wedding or two.

Searching for perfect wedding guest dresses is half the battle. Once you’ve scored your dream outfit,
it’s time to think about what to gift your newlywed friends as they settle into their new and exciting
phase of life. The key is to make the gift personal and practical. It should be useful but not too boring;
the couple will probably use gifts of cash to buy themselves a new kitchen backsplash, for example,
while expecting their guests to provide the champagne flutes. The etiquette surrounding wedding gifts
is notoriously confusing, so consider what your relation to the couple is before deciding what type of
budget is reasonable. Here are five items you might consider gifting your favorite newlyweds.

A wall clock

A clock is a great, timeless piece for a new home, and it’s usually one of the last things a couple thinks
of buying for themselves. Vintage, rustic, and distressed clocks are very popular and make a visually
striking addition to a living room wall that will match pretty much any established interior decor. A striking
wall clock is a gift the bride and groom will appreciate for years to come. Personalize the piece with their
names and wedding date for an extra sentimental touch.

A globe

Everyone knows a couple who is always jetsetting around the world and visiting exotic locale. Satisfy your
globetrotting friends’ wanderlust with a cork globe that allows them to visually document all of their past
vacation spots. As soon as they get back from their honeymoon, they’ll be planning their next trip thanks
to the bold way each red pin stands out against the simple cork exterior. It’s a grown-up twist on the old wall
map with pins we had as kids. Bonus: the sleek stainless steel globe looks stylish in a home office or man cave.

A synastry chart reading

Millennials love astrology more than any past generation, and couples are becoming increasingly attuned to each
other’s compatibility. Settling into married life can be an exciting prospect, but it can also bring about some unexpected
challenges. What do the stars have to say about your friends’ relationship? Pay for a couple’s synastry reading or offer
a book such as Linda Goodman’s Love Signs to help them learn the small, intricate details of one another’s personalities.
Watching a couple fall more radically in love is a beautiful thing to witness!


If the couple is constantly hitting up their local roastery, surprise them with some great gifts for coffee lovers. Every caffeine
addict appreciates a good dark roast or a matching His and Hers set of mugs. Maybe your coffee lovers have already said
“I do” to their favorite mug. If you feel like going off-registry, gift the couple with a small bag of your favorite roast. Every coffee
lover appreciates the chance to try something new and delicious.


What is more romantic than mood lighting? You can help keep the flame alive by gifting your wedded friends a few soft candles
and lanterns to spruce up their new living space. Whether displayed indoors or out on the patio, these mini tea light lanterns will
help to create the ideal ambience for a newly married couple.

Whatever you gift the newlywed couple, they’ll be sure to appreciate the gesture. But if you’re lost and in need of a little guidance,
this list won’t steer you wrong.

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