Cute substitutes for a veil . . .

Not every Bride is a Veil bride, and you might not be either. Whether you’re looking for a non-traditional accessory to top off your wedding day look, or you don’t want to be hidden under a veil, there are plenty of bride appropriate hair accessories.

Pinning flowers in your hair do will create a romantic and sophisticated look.

Adding feathers to your up-do creates a playful look that is beautiful and unexpected.

Combs and Pins
Combs and Pins are perfect for a classic, timeless look. Combs and Pins come in all different types of styles to match your overall look.

A cute headband can really show off your personality while also keeping your hair out of your face for pictures.

All of these options make for great substitutes for a veil, but also can be used in addition to the veil for even more accessorizing.