9 Tips on How to Save Money on Your Wedding

 Photo Credit: pexels.com
Move around flowers- A great way to save money
on your wedding day is to reuse your floral arrangements throughout the day.
Having flowers at your ceremony? Have your wedding coordinator or a friend
bring them to the reception space to use them throughout the room to add more
decor without spending more money.
2.      Used centerpieces- A vintage or used goods store
is a great way to find unique vases and small accessories that you can use to
dress up your space. These tend to be cheaper than renting from the florist,
plus the added benefit of being uniquely yours.
3.      Get married at the end of the season- Many
venue and vendor prices will change with seasonality. Consider getting
married towards the end of the summer or even the winter time.
Marry on a Sunday- Some cultures traditionally
get married on Sundays but most of the US still consider Friday and Saturday
the prime days to get married. This means that the prices are highest during
the beginning of the weekend and can drop drastically on Sundays.

Photo Credit: pexels.com
5.      Buy a white dress- Wedding dresses can be one of
the pricey items on your big day. Consider buying a white gown that is not
specifically marketed as a wedding gown. Consider nicer dress shops or even
bridesmaid dresses that come in white.
Stick to
beer and wine- Keeping your liquor cost low will make a difference in your big
day budget. Beer and wine will keep most guests happy. However, if your group
has some big drinkers, consider having a cash bar.
Don’t give plus ones to everyone- We live in a
world where casual dating is much more common. Some of us would prefer to not
have complete strangers at our wedding. Consider inviting couples only if you
know both partners, or because they have been together a significant amount of
Buy kitchen cakes- Consider buying a smaller
tiered cake for pictures and display as well as a few sheet cakes to keep in
the back. This way you still have the visual appeal of the tiered cake but can
financially afford to feed the masses.
Limit your vendor hours- It might not be that
important to keep your bar open during dinner and first dances, or have your
photo booth in a separate area so that tear down can happen without distracting
the party.

Photo Credit: pexels.com
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