Guide on Wedding Costs By Guest Blogger: Ella M.

With the average cost of
a wedding around the developed world costing around $28,000, saving money while
getting married in style is becoming more and more important. This guide helps
couples planning their weddings to avoid getting caught out while also finding
ways to save money.
initially planning your wedding, you instantly think of the main components,
such as the dress, venue and food. However, additional costs, like
delivery charges and registration costs, are
barely more than an afterthought. Although these aspects may seem minor and
hardly worth mentioning in comparison to the high costs of many of the other
parts of a wedding, these hidden charges mount up and now the average wedding
can set you back a whole year’s salary.

To avoid
having to spend an unaffordable amount of money on your special day, making a
detailed list and working to a budget can be immensely helpful. Ensure you
consider aspects, like thank you letters, and look at where you can save money.
DIY wherever possible is a huge money saver;
make the invitations, cake,
wedding favours and watch the overall costs 

Wedding packages are also another fantastic way of saving money on
your wedding day. This relatively new method of organizing and affording your
wedding is ideal for those on a tight budget, who don’t have the spare time to
plan everything themselves and can’t afford a planner. Many packages
include food, room hire, DJ and the reception and
start at under £1000 – a fraction of the total cost of all the separate
components. Book well in advance for the best prices and ensure travel for your
guests is taken care of.

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