Do you want to be a wedding planner?

We recently met with one young lady that is very interested in becoming a wedding planner. I have had several inquiries about how to get started with this journey during the years I have been running my company You’re The Bride so I have decided to now offer a one hour Q&A session for individuals that are really interested and serious about getting into this field.

We are now taking appointments to talk directly to a Certified Wedding Planner who has been in the trenches for 12 years. At this appointment you will need to bring your list of questions that you want ask. This can be anything from how to get started, what are advantages and disadvantages to being in this field, how to network, how to advertise, website design, your qualities, courses to take, etc. There is a $50 fee per session. Paypal or cash only accepted. This will be the most valuable money you will spend in exchange for getting this real inside scoop on this field. Email me today at or call 248-408-4602 to setup your session today. If you are not able to meet with us directly we will also offer up to a one hour phone session. I look forward to helping you decide if this is the right career for you!

Do you have what it takes to begin a career in the wedding planning field? Consider the following to ensure your success as a professional bridal consultant.

The number of wedding planners in the US alone is approximately 10,000. This number encompasses the hobbyists and professionals because it is a career that you could get into just by purchasing a business license and business card. There are no national requirements or regulations for certification for wedding planners in the US. This lack of regulation also provides the profession with the distinction of having one of the highest attrition rates due to the wrong start in business. If you’d like to be one of the successful bridal consultants, read on.

To become a wedding planner, and to be respected as a professional, there are many benchmarks to be achieved. You must prove a level of experience or training. The bridal consultant is supported by referrals from other wedding professionals and former clients. In order to gain this referral base, you must be able to prove your value. You must show them your training level, your experience within the profession and your ability to make it work. #become a wedding planner #how to become a wedding planner #wedding planner classes #wedding planning courses